Now to Start Writing

So, after a couple years of a vague desire for a website, here it is –! Yay, me!

Of course, now remains the hard part of making the best of it. The old version of this blog – – sat dormant for long periods. It still got more use than most blogs out there, but nonetheless felt underused. Now that I have more time to write for it (and now that I’m actually paying for hosting) updates should be more frequent.

What can you expect? Well, the general theme for this blog has been intellectual growth – my own continuing education. Practically, though, I’ll be posting my impressions of whatever works impress me – whether they be poetry, philosophy, film, or whatever else I encounter. Perhaps that’ll range too broadly, but I’m reluctant to separate these topics because I’m not sure that different genres and media can be divided so cleanly.

Besides, many different kinds of works and moods factor into my life, and I enjoy reading and writing about all of them.

So, let’s get writing!

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