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What O.K. is about:

Everything is Oll Korrect! is largely a personal blog where I share my impressions on the media I consume, mostly (but not only) literature, non-fiction (history and philosophy, mostly), and comics, along with the odd film, video game, art book, and occasional reflections on fiction or media in general, and the rare personal anecdote.

A Little About the Author:

I avoid using this blog as a mere personal diary, so knowing much about me shouldn’t be terribly important. For the curious, though, my name is Richard Carroll, though online I typically use the handle Cheshire_Ocelot. I’ve gone twenty-some consecutive years without dying, and I’ve lived my entire life in the American South, currently in North Texas.

You can contact me via e-mail at ‘mail’ at ‘itsollkorrect.com’, or other ways listed on the contact page.

When I update:

I review things as I finish them, meaning there’s currently no specific update schedule, so I recommend using the RSS feed to follow this blog. I also do announce new posts on my Twitter account.

Copyright Stuff:

Creative Commons License
This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to quote from any of my posts, but please attribute this blog as the source. Note that most of the images are not mine, and the copyright belongs to their respective owners. If you see something of yours and want me to remove it, simply notify me via e-mail.

A little history:

Most blogs are started when someone discovers that they can talk at the world, and answer the call to say “Me too!” This blog was started as part of a class on new media with the title “Oll Korrect for Class,” (the title is taken from one explanation I’ve seen of the abbreviation “O.K.”).* As a result, almost every post between August and November 2007 was assigned, and some are better than others (the really lousy ones have been deleted). After that class ended, I was left with a choice – either let “O.K.” die, or answer the call to also say “Me too!”

I have answered. As of 23 December 2007, this blog has been retitled, I’ve changed my username to have a more universal online identity, and have set a more definite purpose for the blog. Originally, I considered starting an entirely new blog, but I figured few, if any, of my old classmates read this when I was at university, and I won’t post anything illegal or embarrassing anyway. I also considered devoting O.K. entirely to one topic, religion and literature being the frontrunners, but instead decided on a more general purpose.

*Note: Just wanted to say that’s the most punctuation marks I’ve ever put all next to each other. I mean, wow. Period, quote, close parentheses, period, asterisk for this footnote. 5-hit, Super Combo!

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