A Few Thoughts About ‘Everything’ and its Future

As I’ve mentioned before, when I first began this blog I intended to take an academic approach and post mainly essays and commentaries on works of literature and religion. Even after I started blogging seriously, the only result are a couple lackluster posts on Mishima Yukio, Confucius, and maybe one or two other things that even I can’t remember anymore. The best idea I’ve had for Everything Is Oll Korrect! was changing focus to sharing my impressions on individual works, essentially a reading or viewing journal.…

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Intro to America First

I’ve done more blogging in the past couple months than I’ve ever done before, but none of it’s been here. That’ll change soon as the school year winds down, but for now I’d like to direct your attention to another project.

America First is a political blog, of which I am co-editor. The goal is to seek solutions to some of the myriad problems the United States face. I have contributed most of the material so far, but my co-editor should be working on some articles soon, and ultimately we would like to build up a lively comments section.

So, stop by, and be sure to comment.…

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Into the Unlearned, Uncharted

As I’ve said elsewhere, lots of people have blogs. Most of them are inactive, doing little more than taking up space on the internet. Honestly, mine has been one of those for the last nine months or so.

Up until now, this has been a blog in search of a topic. The main problem for me has been that there is little that I have to share that would be worth sharing. After all, I don’t care for personal blogs, so that idea is out. As for politics or literature or some other such topic, there are several people who know more than I, so there’s no reason for me to add what would mostly be noise to the noise/signal ratio. I am still learning about all these things.

That, then, is where I have my idea for what this blog will henceforth be about – intellectual growth. Rather than telling the world what I think, I will merely share what I’ve been learning. Hopefully others find it interesting. If not, this will at least be something for me to look back on. I’ve learned a lot in the last year about history, literature, religion… surely others can relate, and perhaps share their experiences.

I will find out.…

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