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Fate/Zero on Glorious Blu-Ray: The Second Set

Just today, I finished rewatching the second season of Fate/Zero on the recently-release blu-ray box set. Since I’ve reviewed the full series as well as the first box set, I’ll go ahead and give my thoughts on this second set as well. Most of what I said about the first set will also apply to the second, so I’ll focus on the things that are different, including a few disappointments.…

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Fated for Mediocrity: the Fate/Stay Night Anime

After finishing the excellent Fate/Zero anime adaptation, I decided to revisit Fate/Stay Night, the anime version, which I hadn’t seen in several years (before you visual novel people jump on me, I’m in the process of playing the VN and am a few hours into it). Though the show does have a few defenders, I’ve found that it’s much maligned by fans of the original. Though these critics often overstate their case, the show as a whole is a mediocre execution of a brilliant premise.

Starting on the technical side, the show was produced by the less-than-prestigious Studio Deen, and their work here comes out to merely competent. Most of the animation looks alright; the fights generally look decent, despite some still frames and pan-and-scan, especially in the climax. I have no complaints for the bulk of the show, but occasionally they try something odd. For example, they use split-screens several times, and at a couple points even tilt the frame sideways, as though someone dropped the camera on its side in a live-action film. Neither technique adds anything to the show, they just call attention to themselves and distract from the action.…

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Rex Quondom Rexque Futurus – Kingship in Fate/Zero

Who can compare to him in kingliness?
Who like him can say, “I am king!” – The Epic of Gilgamesh

There are a few things that capture my interest every time they’re brought up. One is Fate/Zero, and another is monarchy. Unsurprisingly, then, one of my favourite episodes in Fate/Zero is episode eleven, “Discussing the Grail,” where the three kings, Gilgamesh, Iskander (Alexander the Great), and Saber (Arturia/Arthur), discuss over wine which among them is the greatest king and thus most deserving of the Holy Grail. I like the episode partly because of the characterisation it offers, as well as the action near the end, but also because popular culture rarely offers a lengthy discussion of kingship. It’s like fanservice for me, and though I’m probably about to give this more thought than the show’s writers – I believe Urobuchi admitted to not doing much research into these characters beyond the generalities of their stories – no self-respecting literature major can resist some overanalysis.…

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Anime Autobiography – In the Modern Fashion

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In 2010, my university career ended with a whimper, and I entered the “real world.” Actually, I just continued at the job I already had and spent most of the next year or so wondering what to do for a career. It was a somewhat depressing time, in a way, but hey – I still had my Japanese cartoons.

Now, at this point I’d seen enough that fewer and fewer shows offered really new experiences for me. Most of the shows I saw in 2010-11 stood out because they excelled at something that I’d already seen elsewhere. I also find it difficult to say much about some of these shows because they’re so recent that I can’t quite contextualise them yet. After reflecting on how to go about sharing my experience from these years, it occurred to me that the most significant event is probably a shift in how I watched anime. So here we go – how I watch anime in a modern fashion.…

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Fate/Zero on Glorious Blu-Ray

As one of the brave ones willing to shell out $370 for shiny discs, yesterday I finished rewatching Fate/Zero on glorious blu-ray. Since it’s a limited edition I don’t know how much longer it’ll be available, or if it is even now. For those curious, though, I figured I’d share my thoughts on how it turned out. I won’t say much about the content of the show, except, “Go watch it.” It’s an excellent series, and I’m looking forward to the second season, which starts in a couple weeks.…

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