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So Long, WordPress!

Richard Carroll
So, as you can see, Everything is Oll Korrect! got a makeover. In short, I got tired of WordPress’s nonsense, and converted the blog to a static site using the Hugo framework. There’s still work to do, primarily in editing and republishing about 60% of my old posts, and the styling could also use some touching up. However, WordPress has become so unstable that I decided it’s best to get off that software as soon as I had something halfway presentable.

2023: A New Career in a New Town

Richard Carroll
So what’s happened on Everything is Oll Korrect! in 2023? Well, looks like I wrote four posts this year, three of them in the last few months. You can take the timing as a good sign - my schedule has lightened up a bit, meaning that, while this blog won’t be on, say, a weekly schedule any time soon, I should be able to manage somewhat regular updates, perhaps monthly or so.

2022: Watch Out, You Might Get What You’re After

Richard Carroll
Dead blog, lol. Almost, anyway, but that’s fine. For the last couple years, and probably for a while to come, Everything is Oll Korrect! will primarily be a repository of old writing, updated very sporadically. I have a few ideas for future posts, but they’ll have to wait since I have more important projects. I don’t even know what kind of traffic Everything received over the past year. Looking it up as I write, I’m at about 5,200 views, a bit up from last year’s 4,900 but under half of my peak in 2018, which was 12,800.

2021: For this Child did I Pray

Richard Carroll
This blog isn’t abandoned, though it’s only barely qualifies as active. At the very least, it’s not so dead that I’m not writing my annual year-end post, even if it is 5:08pm on December 31. That lack of activity is due almost entirely to a lack of time; other things are, ultimately, more important, and my free time lately has been spent mostly on family history. What have I written this year?

2020: O My Dove, in the Clefts of the Rock

Richard Carroll
Uh… I wrote five posts this year. I’m not even going to compare it to previous years. What in tarnation? What was I doing this year? Well, let’s talk about Everything is Oll Korrect! first; not like that will take very long anyway. Then we’ll talk about personal matters, i.e., why there were so few posts this year. I got an early start to the year, with the first post going up in March, “What Books Have Most Influenced Me?

2019 in Bibliophilia

It’s the end of the year, and now that the reminiscing and navel-gazing is over it’s time for the most important year-end festivity, looking at how many books I read. In 2018 I read thirty-six, compared to 2017’s forty-two. This year, I have twenty-nine books recorded in LibraryThing, but this excludes eight volumes of Toriyama Akira’s DragonballZ because they’re part of a box set and so, from LibraryThing’s perspective, are only one book.

2019: Mais où sont les neiges d’antan!

Richard Carroll
Oh yeah, I have a blog, don’t I? As I recall, I typically write annual year-in-review posts so maybe I should do that. There hasn’t been much action on Everything is Oll Korrect! in 2019, especially in the latter half, due to school, work, and other commitments (which we’ll get to shortly), and for the last couple weeks illness. As I write, my eyes itch and I can’t breathe through my right nostril, but such is my dedication to the millions and millions of the Ocelot’s fans that I’m going to write at least this one post.

2018: Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not

Richard Carroll
Up until fairly recently, if someone had asked me what the best year of my life has been so far, my answer would probably have been my senior year of college. It was covered with an air of beautiful melancholy due my own aimlessness and non-starter romance, but though I felt I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas, it was mixed with friendships, opening new hobbies, and learning new things.

2017: The Speed at Which Cherry Blossoms Fall

Richard Carroll
What shall I render to the Lord, for all the things that he hath rendered to me? Things continue to improve here at Everything is Oll Korrect! This is the third year in a row that views have been up, and quality, if I may say so myself, has held up pretty well. I wrote forty-six posts this year, which is the most since 2012, when I had a weekly schedule.

I'll Hang Around as Long as You Will Let Me

Richard Carroll
So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by- wait, that’s a different story. Mine’s a little less exciting than that, I’m afraid. It’s still exciting to me, though, because as of today, Everything is Oll Korrect! is ten years old. There are a few ways I considered marking the occasion, and I was originally concerned, as I usually am, not to be overly self-indulgent. However, for a once in a decade event, I’m going to set that aside, mostly, and do something that’s become rare on this web log and talk about myself.