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Oll Points of Contact

Feedback on this blog is appreciated, and best left as a comment on a relevant post, but if you’d like to contact me directly, my e-mail address is mail at itsollkorrect.com.

You may be interested in the main site, On the Origin of Fire…

If you want to follow or friend me on some other site, you can find me at these places:

I’m on Twitter as @CheshireOcelot (link).

I’m on LibraryThing again as CheshireOcelot (link).

I’m on MyAnimeList as, you guessed it, Cheshire_Ocelot (link).

I’m on last.fm as (wait for it…) Cheshire_Ocelot (link).

I’m on Letterboxd as (drumroll please) Cheshire_Ocelot (link).

I’m on ask.fm as, let’s see… ah – Cheshire_Ocelot (link).

I’m on Curious Cat as (you’ll never guess!) Cheshire_Ocelot (link).

Um, I think that’s it. That’s quite a few connections, huh? Not as many as some, perhaps, but y’know, ‘no matter where you go, we are all connected’.

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