Oh My Goddess! v. 47 (75 Books - XXVII)

This series is going to end with a whimper, isn’t it?

I’ve been down on Oh My Goddess for a long time now; the series basically lost me way back in volume 41, and I’ve basically just been stewing in a fairly mediocre arc for three years waiting for it to end already. Things have improved somewhat in the last couple volumes, I suppose; Fujishima Kosuke is better at drawing motorcycle racing than he is any other sort of action, and the character art is still nice enough. The end is also in sight - this is the penultimate volume, and after two decades and change it does feel like the story’s wrapping up. Encouragingly, with this action-oriented story arc done the final volume should go back to a type of storytelling that Fujishima’s good at.

At least, I’m hopeful. Once it’s over, or perhaps shortly before the final volume, I may need to go back and re-read some of the early volumes, because it’s been so long since I’ve read anything interesting from the series that I’ve started to wonder why I liked it so much to begin with.

Blowing through forty-some volumes of graphic novels would also be a good way to lock up this seventy-five books project, but maybe that would be cheating…