Sleeping Beauty

An Uncle Walt-a-thon Round-Up

Richard Carroll
I’ve already covered each major Walt Disney film individually as part of my Uncle Walt-a-thon project (except The Jungle Book, but he died during the production of that one and Netflix doesn’t have it, so I’m skipping it), but it occurs to me that I haven’t yet shared any thoughts of the project as a whole. So, here are some general impressions and a highlight reel. Overall, there weren’t any surprises.

Uncle Walt-a-thon: Sleeping Beauty

Richard Carroll
<- Uncle Walt-a-thon: Lady and the Tramp In some ways, Sleeping Beauty is a revised version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, since both adapt fairly simple fairy tales that don’t seem to lend themselves to a feature-length film. Disney has covered wide variety of subjects in his films so far, so it’s sometimes difficult to compare them, but these two lend themselves to comparison. Of course, Sleeping Beauty does offer better animation than its predecessor.